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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
'10", 180 pounds, light brown hair, olive complexion and walking a heavy-set brown and white dog. >>> other bay area headlines four people temporarily homeless after a two-alarm fire tore through the oakland apartment building. it broke out in morning on the top floor of the third story complex near warfield. no one was hurt but the fire did about $100,000 in damage. no word yet on the cause. >>> police are looking for three men who tied up a san francisco family and robbed them during an overnight break- in. it happened just before 4 a.m. at a home on sloat boulevard in the pine lake park neighborhood. the robbers got away with jewelry, purses and cash. the victims were not hurt. >>> a well deserved moment of praise today for two san francisco police officers who saved a newborn's life. the officers from the bayview station responded to a call last wednesday about a woman bleeding. well, the next thing they knew a man on the street was handed them an unresponsive baby. officers noticed something wasn't right so they started cpr. >> having two young children, i know what a baby should look
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
's been 34 years since the birth of louise joy brown, the world's first test tube baby. today, more than 60,000 american babies are born each year thanks to in vitro fertilization. now stanford researchers have found a way to help even more infertile couples. >> 48 hours of culture, we can predict the viability of a human embryo. >> reporter: researchers thawed 75 donated single cell embryos and used time lapse photography to track their development. the 75 embryos, only 53 had normal timing, normal cell division. but the big surprise of the 53 that looked normal, half had the wrong number of chromosomes. >> it's quite profound that embryos that appear to be developing normally may harbor such a high percentage or such a high degree of chromosomal abnormalities. >> reporter: dr. barry behr, codirector of the ivf program, says where fragmentation comes n those extra bubbles are fragments that contain chromosomes and that spells trouble. >> should be 23 pairs in total chromosomes. if you have a mismatch or an extra one or a missing one, you create an abnormal embryo. >> reporter: so now wi
Dec 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
the shooting. >> sad for the mommies. >> reporter: crystal brown had a brief conversation with her daughters just after school let out. >> i said, you know, someone brought a gun to a school and she said a real gun, you know. a real gun and someone died? kids died? and you know, it's hard for them to process. >> reporter: san francisco school district superintendent richard carranza says he wants to remind parents that the schools have safety plans and that teachers drill on how to keep the kids out of danger. but school officials emphasize there is no security measure as good as paying attention to a person who seems to be plotting an evil deed and calling the police right away. >> as a teacher during the columbine incident there was a rush to install security metal detectors and all of this hardware. i will tell you the single greatest security system you can have in place is a well informed enabled student body. >> reporter: you saw those parents hugging their kids a little tighter. well, one school district official told me that, you know, after you have the conversation with your chil
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3